Travel Product Review: InFLIGHT Apparel T-Shirt

Travel Product Review: InFLIGHT Apparel T-Shirt

inFLIGHT Apparel T-Shirt Review
inFLIGHT Apparel T-Shirt Review

If you are a frequent traveler you are probably always on the hunt for comfortable clothing. Especially if you are traveling with young children, comfortable clothing is key. I always look for loose fitting, breathable clothing to get me through the stresses of travel. This is where the InFLIGHT Apparel t-shirt becomes handy.

A unique security feature

What is unique and different about the InFLIGHT Apparel T-shirt? On top of being comfortable and breathable, it also has a security feature that makes it more appealing. Their t-shirts have three built in pockets on the inside so you can store your phone, passport, cash or credit cards. 

This is a great feature if you are traveling with kids and you have carry-ons, a purse or a diaper bag that you have to lug around with you. I have extreme paranoia and have to constantly check for our passports, boarding passes, phones and wallets. Keeping it safe in a discrete pocket in my shirt, means it’s nearby and I don’t have to rummage through my purse or backpack every time I need something. 

The invisible security pockets are also helpful when you are sightseeing in a new country. The first time we travelled to Europe, many people told us to be wary of pickpockets. Constantly having to be cautious of our backpacks or purses takes away from enjoying the sights and attractions. For someone like me, this takes away the joy of exploring a new country. So, the InFLIGHT t-shirt gives you peace of mind and a sense of security, which makes for a better travel experience. 

The InFLIGHT Apparel shirt can be worn at anytime

I like that this t-shirt is very casual, comfortable and breathable. The t-shirt which is made out of Rayon from bamboo has a very soft and stretchy feel. I decided to test the shirt on a very hot and humid day, while exploring our city. The material is so soft and the humidity did not make it stick to me! And the design is modern and trendy, which can be worn at any time and not just for travel. 

It is a very innovative idea and I like that it is a local, family owned business. I am also supportive of their initiative with Project Aware, where a part of their sales are donated to a charity that helps save our oceans. 

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Head over to InFLIGHT Apparel website to check out their t-shirts and support a local business. 

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Disclaimer: The inFLIGHT Apparel t-shirt was provided to me for free, for my honest review and all words and images are my own. Thank you for supporting a business that supports us!

inFLIGHT Apparel T-shirt Review
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