Ontario Travels: A Day Trip To The Scenic Caves in Collingwood

Ontario Travels: A Day Trip To The Scenic Caves in Collingwood

Scenic Caves - Collingwood

Not sure what to do or where to go during these crazy times? The Scenic Caves in Collingwood are a must see in Ontario. It is only a two hour drive from Toronto. So, if you live in Toronto put this attraction on your bucket list. If you are visiting Toronto, this should be on your list of things to do.

Most attractions have opened up again with many limitations and restrictions. Many places are limiting the number of tickets that are being sold in order to abide by the physical distancing rules. After three months in lock down and nowhere to travel we have been trying to find local attractions that we can visit. 

We found ourselves at home on a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do; so we decided to drive to Collingwood and explore the caves and hiking trails. This is not our first time here, however with the kids being older it was quite a different experience. The Scenic Caves Nature Adventure is the perfect place to enjoy nature, have some fun climbing around the caves and take in the stunning views of Georgian Bay.

The Scenic Caves Nature Adventures is open year round. So, you can enjoy many activities regardless of the weather.

Activities at the Scenic Caves Nature Adventures

Winter Season Adventures

The Scenic Caves Nature Adventures is situated minutes away from the Blue Mountain Resorts. Blue Mountain attracts many tourists and locals alike who are looking to hit the slopes. If you are looking for activities besides skiing or snowboarding, you could pay a visit to the Scenic Caves Nature Adventures. With the many different trails and the stunning views, this is a popular spot for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. 

Warm Season Adventures

Venture into the caves

Scenic Caves - Collingwood

In the warm season the most popular activity is the caves. The caves and caverns are set approximately 70 feet below the surface. You will definitely enjoy climbing over the rocks exploring every nook and cranny. The caves are also rich in history and throughout the tour you will learn about the Petun First Nations People.

Test your fear of heights on the suspension bridge

Scenic Caves - Collingwood

The suspension bridge is approximately 420 feet long and floats high above the forest. You will not be disappointed by the amazing views of the Georgian Bay area. The many trails will lead you to the bridge. In the winter months you can rent some snowshoes and hike to the bridge to soak in the incredible views.

During the summer you can either hike there or hop on the wagon which will take you right to the bridge. The wagon would be the easiest route if you are traveling with young children. However, the wagon ride has been suspended for now due to Covid-19.

Zip through the forests

Are you someone looking for some thrill? Then you may want to try ziplining through the forests. The Thunderbird twin zip line is Ontario’s longest twin zip line. Unfortunately the zip line is not operating this season. I’m not sure if I have gathered up the courage to try this yet. But if you are a thrill seeker, then this might be right up your alley.

Take a hike

Scenic Caves - Collingwood

Once you have explored the caves, there are 15 kilometers of trails that you could explore. There are trails of different levels of difficulty and length. So you can choose which trail you want to explore depending on your ability. 

The kids wanted to be adventurous so they chose the trail that went right through the forest. And of course with the rain earlier that day we were trudging in mud with all of the natural obstacles you will find in a forest. A little mud wouldn’t hurt, until your feet give way while hiking the uneven ground and trying to avoid tree roots everywhere! 

Lesson we learned…make sure you have proper hiking shoes if you choose the adventurous trails. Riz definitely learned the hard way!

Despite the mishap, it was nice to be out spending hours enjoying everything Mother Nature has to offer. 

Lots of other activities to enjoy

Other activities that you can enjoy are gemstone mining and mini golf. Both are activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family. We have not tried these activities during our visits. However, it is something to keep the family busy if you are at the park for the full day.

If you are visiting with little ones there is also a train ride and children’s adventure playground for the kids to enjoy. These are perfect activities for the end of the day. There are two play areas that are suitable for both younger and older children. This is the perfect place to let the kids climb, run and let loose while you relax nearby.

The fish pond is another great place to relax. You can grab a bite at the snack bar or bring your own picnic and enjoy some downtime. The kids can enjoy watching the fish in the pond or you could buy some fish food and feed the fish as well.

Given the circumstances, the Scenic Caves Nature Adventures have done an incredible job making sure everyone can safely enjoy the park. The uncertain weather may have been the reason for reduced crowds, however we felt that we were able to enjoy ourselves without worrying about throngs of people.

Ontario has many beautiful places to explore and the caves are definitely one to put on your list of things to see. We have always enjoyed visiting the caves and with the kids being older, it was nice to watch them take off on their own. They led the way and loved climbing around and getting dirty!

Make sure you check their website for any Covid-19 related updates and for pricing and hours of operation.

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Scenic Caves - Collingwood

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