About Us

About Us

Meet the Nallawangsa Family...

Hello and welcome to our blog! We are Riz and Malaika Nallawangsa and proud parents to two smart and beautiful children, Kiana and Kaiden. We were both born in Colombo, Sri Lanka (we are both of Indonesian descent) and we now call Toronto, Canada home. We have been together for seventeen years and in those years, we have gone through the ups and downs of marriage, parenting and working full-time, trying to build a life for ourselves and our children.  The struggle is definitely real!

Family Travel

However, through it all travel has been our way of escaping the everyday stresses and reconnecting with one another. Even the shortest escape can help you clear your mind and prevent burn out.

Travel has always been a passion of ours and whenever we can we try to plan adventures for the kids and the kids at heart; because this is what planning a trip does to us – It brings out the inner child in us. The thought of planning a trip gives us a sense of thrill and excitement and we find joy in the entire process of planning.

So far, most of our travel has been local. Our goal is to increase our global travel one destination at a time. Through this blog we would like to take you on the journey with us and share any tips, ideas and inspiration so you can plan your own adventure with your loved ones.

As we mentioned earlier the struggles of our everyday life is real. So, aside from travel we will also share any lifestyle tips we find have helped our little family and will hopefully make your family time more enjoyable. We feel that if we can do it, anyone can and we would like to be that inspiration for other families who feel they need to getaway from the stresses of everyday family life. We want others to feel the same joy in travel, in whichever way they choose to do so. It’s about creating memories, one adventure at a time!      

Thank you for stopping by, explore our site and please feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions or comments.